Productivity and efficiency are definitely one of the most important things that can be effective in the development and growth of a business. Therefore, all managers tend to increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Here’s a method to increase the productivity of a group’s manpower:

Every manager likes to take advantage of human resources, energy, labor, information as well as materials. Definitely, to use 100% power of each of the above items, we need high-efficiency people who can fulfill this goal.


If we are looking for high-efficiency workforce we have to follow some steps.

In this paper, we generally address the definition of efficiency, the importance of efficiency, and 5 solutions to increase the productivity of a set of forces.


The term productivity refers to maximizing the use of manpower, tools, and resources to reduce costs and satisfy managers, consumers, and efficiency of employees. Productivity is most commonly applied in corporations and organizations. If we were to use productivity in anything like our own lives and family and even financial and economic issues, then the world would be better off now.

Productivity and efficiency history and improvement

In 1766, Kuisney first introduced productivity and efficiency, after which it was Litter, in 1883 who recognized efficiency and productivity as a powerful component

Provide conditions to develop employees’ progress

Five Ways to Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Various comments have been made on the factors that increase or decrease productivity. But, in general, we explain the factors that are effective in increasing productivity.

the behavior of managers and leaders

Keep it in mind that your right behavior always has an impact on your employees. If employees find that managers also follow the rules, they perceive that everyone is equal and should do their job right and perfectly to improve the work, so that everyone can make progress financially and functionally to higher degrees. Employees will be interested in utilizing their abilities to promote the corporation if managers develop a way to behave them appropriately.

Provide conditions to develop employees’ progress

When graduation is established in the business environment in a way that anyone may get a promotion, more job opportunities and consequently higher salaries, thus every person with any responsibility is certainly all about trying to find a job promotion and continue to operate in a better environment with a higher salary. Therefore, it is imperative that the leaders of each set increase the efficiency of the employees and other members by making the right and rational classification job positions and determining the fair salary for each grade.

Work clarification

To increase the productivity and efficiency of employees they must know exactly what their task is, so they can do their job perfectly and efficiently. Employees’ satisfaction is also respected here since they do not need to be forced to do a non-professional job with the manager’s order, which is the responsibility of someone else. All duties, laws, guidelines, and regulations must be stated clearly for all employees in order to avoid ambiguity and members’ confusion. As a result, we’ll determine productivity and efficiency.

Employing efficient and expert manpower

It should be noted that in order to increase productivity and efficiency from the beginning, you have to hire people who are specialized in the related field of task and responsibility. Because they no longer need to be trained specialized in a field so they will work from the very beginning with high productivity and efficiency, consequently there is no need to increase efficiency in the specialty field.

Verbal, written, or practical tests can be conducted to ensure that people have qualifications and specialty to be employed, and to know the degree of proficiency of each employee. If it isn’t feasible to find an employee or worker in the relevant occupational field, it is possible to hire staff with expertise in similar fields and explain the workflow for new employees by holding free and up-to-date training classes.

Providing work and quality of life for employees

This is one of the most important factors to increase the productivity  and efficiency of staff and members in a group, because when managers and leaders of a company, respect the workplace and value their employees, they assure their staff that they will have  job security or they may stay in the company as long as they fulfill their tasks and responsibilities in a right way.

Five Ways to Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Here are some other factors that have a role in providing and increasing the quality of life and work which are summarized in the following sentences:

  • Timely and fair payment to motivate the staff to work more efficiently
  • The safe and healthy work environment
  • Learn new skills in the workplace
  • Health and work insurance
  • Prepare the environment for work progress
  • Establishing the coherence between employees
  • Establishing the sympathy and integrity between members
  • Creating a sense of pride in the work among employees of the company
  • Bonus for impressive and visible enhancements
  • Create and maintain balance on working days and unemployment
  • Provide job entertainments for staff and members
  • Increase the productivity  and efficiency of materials and resources to prevent fatigue of employees
  • Creating individual and extra rights for superior employees